Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bonner County Embarrassed

It would appear that the failure of Bonner County's equipment to find John Key's body has resulted in embarrassment for not seeking help from Kootenai County, who may have more sophisticated equipment that would help with the search.

Said help was requested and was granted by sheriff Ben Wolfinger recently, according to a blurb in the paper.

Without a declaration of death by authorities, his widow and family would have to wait seven years for a death certificate to be issued. In the mean time, the family is going to suffer severe financial difficulties in addition to the horror of loosing this fine man and father/husband.

I recommend that his closest friends start a "go fund me" account to help out.

We can only hope that the intensified effort will find the body, even if it isn't recoverable, which could lead to a declaration of death, triggering social security benefits.

Sheriff Wolfinger is to be congratulated for his marine division offering help.

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