Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Drownings Revisited

By happenstance, as I was walking up the boat ramp in Bayview yesterday, I spotted a pickup with Bonner County Sheriff lettered on the side. I meandered over and asked the person who was not in uniform why they were not doing more to find Santa.

He introduced himself as the  officer in charge of the marine division in Bonner County. He went on to explain very patiently about cold water drownings. Bodies in the water go to the bottom rather quickly, unlike in warmer areas where they pop up before taking the plunge.

In other words there is no chance of recovery or discovery in water 1100 feet deep. Side scanning sonar is only effective in shallow water above 200 feet deep.

In the interest of accuracy and fairness I felt it necessary to retract the allegations I repeated about Bonner County.

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