Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Semi-retirement can be fun. It's also another name for being old and unemployed. I think the most challenging thing about growing old, is being marginalized by the main stream. The feeling, justified or not, that nobody really considers you as valid. To have all of your experience, both in profession and life declared invalid because a new generation, the only one that matters, is after all, in charge now.

After a career in Mortgage Banking,I have worked at Wal-mart, which was interesting, but kind of regimented, and Silverwood, which was fun, but there, older people work for kids, and that was hard to deal with, and in general, felt like life was passing me by.

Not any longer...

I have just accepted the huge challenge of operating the restaurant & bar at the reopening of the Vista Bay Marina, in Bayview, Idaho.

My professional food preparation and bartending experience is sparse, and somewhat out of date, but these are technical details...Entertaining guests, and making them feel welcome, I can do...The rest will follow...

I will, of course, announce the opening date, as soon as I know what it will be...Wish me luck, and come see me there...

Herb Huseland
Raconteur & Host

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