Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Bloggers get fired

In a news article on AOL,it was reported that several bloggers were fired from their jobs. It seems that these bloggers were caught criticizing their employer.

AOL ran a poll asking two questions: "Is a blogger protected as to sources like a journalist?" The second," should an employer be able to fire a person for dissing them on line." In both cases, the poll vote totals favored not protecting the bloggers.

In my opinion, these employees should be fired for stupidity alone! Anyone foolish enough to sign their name to a written critcism of their boss deserves to be canned.

If you're smart, you leak the info to DFO and let him expose your boss. Loyalty to your employer is a 24 hour thing. When I went to work for Vista Bay Marina, I immediately gave them my blog address.

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