Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bayview's Own

Nestled in the foothills of Bayview, is a charming Victorian mansion. Recently converted to a Bed and Breakfast, Dromore manor stands out just above the bay. One reason it stands out, is that the building is painted solid passionate pink.

One can only wonder what possessed the previous owners to select that color scheme. If you are approaching Bayview from the lake, your first impression is hey, what a beautiful place...Then you glance up the hill to your right and gasp! That huge house is PINK!

Well, aside from that, we are told by Stacy Summer, the proud proprietor, that many marriages are performed in this ideal setting. One can assume that many are also consummated there. Our only concern here, is that if too many people get married here, they are going to remember Bayview fondly and return...We really like it here the way it is...

well, if you insist on coming anyway, Dromore, and Stacy can be contacted at 208-683-9311 or e-mail longhotsommers@msn.com.

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