Sunday, March 13, 2005

Computer Illiterates

Well, I've done it again...

I've lost my high speed internet connection. In trying to correct the problem, I inadvertently blocked the cookie that allows me to access my own blog through Huckleberries. I started erasing cookies and virus scan programs at random and now have who knows what. I am on line now by recreating a dial-up connection.

The day I learned how to hit cd: / was a day of infamy, then came windows, making it easier to get in over my head. Now I've lost McAfee virus scan, can't access my own blog, and things are heading downhill fast.

Oh well, some days my cup runneth over and some days I break the cup.

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Bill McCrory said...


Normally, cookies reset themselves so if you "unblock" them to "allow all cookies", that should solve the cookie problem.

As for deleting the virus scan, just reload it and update the virus definitions.

If these don't help, go out to your shop, get the biggest hammer you've got, and... No! Herb! Don't do it! I was only kidding!