Thursday, December 29, 2005

Senseless Vandalism

I have seen, in my 67 years, many senseless acts. I don't think that I can remember anything like hit Bayview last night.

Posters were ripped down from the local businesses. Two marinas were attacked viciously. Locked marina doors were kicked down, and many boats vandalized.

From the sparse information that we have, while a few things were stolen, mostly it was just senseless destruction.

In talking to Jeff Barden, General Manager of the Waterford Park Marinas, He indicated that the criminals got around the newly installed security gates on the docks, probably due to the low water level. They then forced open the doors to the secure covered docks. They proceeded to demolish many privately owned boats, for no apparent reason. While a few things were stolen, most damage was simple destruction.

Most of the affected boat owners are either in Arizona for the Winter, or living in Spokane, Washington, a major city nearby. Contacted by the night desk at the Spokesman-Review, I was able to come up with this information to add to what the paper already had.

Unfortunately for the deadbeats that did this, there were security cameras present that recorded all of the participants faces. As of this posting,and to my knowledge none of the participants have been arrested, but I wouldn't bet on them seeing the New Year in, Saturday Night.


Word Tosser said...

You know as much as I don't like the Big Brother is watching you bit... it is thugs like this that puts us in that mode...
I hope they get them and hang them up to dry.
I use to an old and dear friend who looked like he was from the Leanin Tree cards... and he use to say, hang them from the light poles in town, that will cut down the crimes. Maybe he was

Bill McCrory said...


Here's what the KCSD press release of December 29 said:

"The Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a rash of boat and boat house burglaries that apparently occurred during the early morning hours of December 29, at Boileau’s Marina in Bayview.

Sheriff’s Department personnel have located at least 30 boats and boat houses that were either been burglarized and/or vandalized during the night."

Does that seem to match up with what you saw?

Hope you're feeling better and healing up after the treatments. Happy New Year!