Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Town Called Waterford Park

Bayview is a small unincorporated spot of unusual beauty. Nestled in one of the few protected bays on Lake Pend Orielle, it lay undiscovered, eight miles off the highway until recently.

Big money hit town with a vengeance. With Three underachieving resorts for sale, a development firm called Waterford Park Homes entered the picture. First Vista Bay Marina was purchased. Then followed closely by Boileau's Resort including the Button Hook Restaurant, and Bayview Marina.

Following the purchase of three of the six existing resorts in town, they went on to purchase the town trailer park and the Scenic Motel. Bayview is fast becoming a company town. The goal of the company is presumably to become a Summer version of Sun Valley. A destination resort playground for the very wealthy.

While I personally applaud the investment in tired ownership situations, one wonders when it's too much. I don't believe one company should dominate any town or village. One starts to feel like it's the middle ages again with the royalty vs. Peasants.

This Summer season, the Buttonhook Restaurant was leased and operated by Dan and Wendy Talerico. After closing seasonally, they were informed that some of Waterford's management wanted to play with it next year. Renewal of the lease was refused. This after a large investment in the business by the lessees.

I don't know at what point an illegal monopoly occurs. Perhaps there are readers out there that could offer opinions. This town of Bayview is becoming a town named Waterford Park...


Dogwalkmusings said...

Just look at Coeur d'Alene if you want to see what a one company town looks like. Hagadonville?

Bill McCrory said...


Has MacDonald's Hudson Bay Resort been bought out yet? If not, are Jim's kids still running it?

How are you feeling?

cdadave said...

Herb, all you can do is just try to enjoy things as much as possible. Money talks, and those with the money are gonna do things and we cain't do nuttin' about it. Bayview is an achingly beautiful town. Hopefully the moneygrubbers won't corrupt it the way Duane Hagadone's rezzort corrupts the scenery here in Lake Coeur d'Alene.

His resort is in the west part of town; on the east end of town, he's building his damn condos by the golf course. So, no matter which direction you go, if you wanna be near the lake, "he's everywhere, he's everywhere" (Hagadone, that is).

All I can do is just look at the resort and accept it. I can't change it. After all, no one can take the lake away from us. I hope so, anyway. Hagadone's already probably tried to buy the water!

Hope you're feeling okay. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Bayview residents and business owners will have absolutely no say in what Waterford does to the town. It will be up to the Kootenai County Commissioners. Unless the towns people decide to incorporate and elect officials with integrity and intelligence, it may be time to live elsewhere or just continue to enjoy Waterford's contributions to the community.

Happy Holiday's - Hope all is well-