Sunday, March 13, 2005

Computer Illiterates

Well, I've done it again...

I've lost my high speed internet connection. In trying to correct the problem, I inadvertently blocked the cookie that allows me to access my own blog through Huckleberries. I started erasing cookies and virus scan programs at random and now have who knows what. I am on line now by recreating a dial-up connection.

The day I learned how to hit cd: / was a day of infamy, then came windows, making it easier to get in over my head. Now I've lost McAfee virus scan, can't access my own blog, and things are heading downhill fast.

Oh well, some days my cup runneth over and some days I break the cup.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Bloggers get fired

In a news article on AOL,it was reported that several bloggers were fired from their jobs. It seems that these bloggers were caught criticizing their employer.

AOL ran a poll asking two questions: "Is a blogger protected as to sources like a journalist?" The second," should an employer be able to fire a person for dissing them on line." In both cases, the poll vote totals favored not protecting the bloggers.

In my opinion, these employees should be fired for stupidity alone! Anyone foolish enough to sign their name to a written critcism of their boss deserves to be canned.

If you're smart, you leak the info to DFO and let him expose your boss. Loyalty to your employer is a 24 hour thing. When I went to work for Vista Bay Marina, I immediately gave them my blog address.


Well, here we are again...The end of another work week that was filled with triumph, disappointment, challenges, hurdles, agony, and that was just trying to get out of bed at 6:00 AM.

Getting a resort up and running that has been closed for ten or twelve years is not without it's challenges. We think when we are ready to open though, we'll have the best damn resort in the Northwest. I, of course, will be the chief cook, dishwasher, bartender and entertainer. When everyone's glass is full, I might just pick up the old banjo and belt out some bluegrass.

We're looking to open April 1, for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Eventually, as the weather improves, and more folks are out in the water, we will be open 7 days.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bayview's Own

Nestled in the foothills of Bayview, is a charming Victorian mansion. Recently converted to a Bed and Breakfast, Dromore manor stands out just above the bay. One reason it stands out, is that the building is painted solid passionate pink.

One can only wonder what possessed the previous owners to select that color scheme. If you are approaching Bayview from the lake, your first impression is hey, what a beautiful place...Then you glance up the hill to your right and gasp! That huge house is PINK!

Well, aside from that, we are told by Stacy Summer, the proud proprietor, that many marriages are performed in this ideal setting. One can assume that many are also consummated there. Our only concern here, is that if too many people get married here, they are going to remember Bayview fondly and return...We really like it here the way it is...

well, if you insist on coming anyway, Dromore, and Stacy can be contacted at 208-683-9311 or e-mail