Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Coming Events

I will be out of town during most of February. Before I go, I would like to acquaint everyone with coming attractions at the Captain's Wheel.

This Saturday, January 27 kicks off our annual Beach Party. In complete denial, we are ignoring that by the calendar, it is still Winter. Live music, tricycle races, beach balls, drink specials, limbo contests...I haven't heard if there will be bikini contests or not.

February 24 will be our Mardi Gras Party. Best costume prizes, drink specials...Loads of fun.

March 12? St. Paddy's Day, what else. The theme will be a Pajama Party. Live Music, Prize for best PJ's.

Come on down Saturday night...Your last chance at Herb's Potato Salad until March.


green libertarian said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip, Herb.

Is there a schedule of the events for this Saturday? I might stop by.

Bay Views said...

Stop by around 8 to 9 and hang on, Baby. It gets wild.

Bill McCrory said...


Have a safe and refreshing trip. Come back ready to defend Fort Bayview from the armies of Santa Holland.

Mommy Dearest said...

I'll see you Saturday, Herb. It's mom's 50th, so we'll have the whole crew there. And I'm hankering for some of that spud salad.