Friday, October 12, 2007


After viewing the reaction from the townspeople of Bayview the last few days, I have come to several conclusions. The first, and foremost, is that when a law firm sets out to shoot itself in the foot, they should perhaps hire a public relations firm. You see, if Wetzel, Wetzel, Bredeson and Holt think they have been damaged by some casual dings by a couple of individuals, one, they shouldn't have publicly embarrassed themselves by being petty. Threatening a lawsuit for defamation of character was childish, at best.First, since both the law firm and their client are by legal definition, public entities, all they have accomplished is to have embarrassed themselves by going public with their frustration. This frustration could have come from many sources. One, it could be that their job has become more difficult by the recalcitrant behavior of their client. Or perhaps it is from the frustration that the Idaho department of lands hasn't caved in to their attempts to circumvent the mitigation plan that the state has demanded.

To attack an entire community for being unwilling to accept the law breaking as applies to building codes, is to suggest that this firm has lost it. The negative publicity that they have received is far worse than the few words spoken in anger, or in jest or as characterization.

I have had dealings with Steve Wetzel, and find him to be a fine upstanding person, as well as an attorney. It is astounding that this new member of the firm, Kevin Holt, who probably has never set foot in Bayview, would set the course for total resentment by this community.

We have received huge responses in favor of the accused, and, well, check the comments for the other reactions. Freedom of speech still reigns. We still have the individual and collective right to speak out against tyranny, and we shall ...

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