Monday, October 01, 2007

Feeding Wild Game

There are several reasons, good ones, why fish and game officials discourage the feeding of wild game. First, when wild animals/birds, etc. are fed by humans, they become dependent on that food, and stop hunting for their own. During Summer months here in Bayview, boat owners, float home dwellers and such hand feed the ducks that populate the lake shore here in Bayview.

Then, most go home to their Winter homes, leaving these dependent ducks to fend for themselves when they haven't had to before. One such case, is an S-curve located on Fifth Street here in Bayview. A kindly, undoubtedly helpful person living on that curve, started feeding the ducks in their yard. I have driven through that area several times recently, having to stop until the ducks have finished crossing the road. One was predictably hit and killed. The person feeding the ducks, outraged at the motorist, set up a box painted red in the middle of the road, with the dead duck on top of it.

Instead of blaming a motorist rounding a blind curve, this person should look within, for it was he/she that produced a feeding station for 70 or 80 ducks. The dead duck, (no pun intended) was not only predictable, but inevitable. Good deeds never go unpunished ...


Phil said...

I drive by this spot on a very regular basis for my carpool and have often wondered when this would happen. It's sad to see, but I agree, the homeowner needs to look within to see why the duck was killed. Last year that was 8 or 10 pairs in the yard every day, this year it seems to have tripled. I hope it stops soon and they realize the trouble they may have caused.

Anonymous said...

We have a long and esteemed history of exploiting the kindly dupes in Bayview. They adore us as Gods, giving offering that you, Herb, in your feeble attempt classify us as wildlife can not comprehend. That this one martyr for the cause of all duckdom has given himself is of no consequence. The guilt and shame his sacrifice has bestowed guarantees the hapless humans will fatten us all to divine flightlessness. We warn you, cut off our food and we shall spread the plague of bird flu to you all!!
Beware Herb you are a marked man may a rain of poop befall you!
Sincerely, the ducks

Bay Views said...

Help! I am being stalked by angry ducks. They have threatened me with becoming a poophead. I can only assume that their leader, Meaghann, a fowl tempered person, and coincidentally, a Duck, is out to get me. (Gee, Honey, it was only one game ... The Ducks will come back.)

Anonymous said...

That duck looks pretty good for being run over.

Maybe it died from eating cheetos and other crap that women puts out for the raccoons, rats and ducks!


Bay Views said...

The cheetos remark gave you away, pony ...

Anonymous said...

Cover' from Nick Hornby's "About A Boy".

Baguettes, halved,
(I wouldn't throw whole
ones. Do I look
like a psycho?) that's all,
and it wasn't my fault

anyway, ducks
have eyes. He could
dodge if he wanted to.
he wanted to be hit, maybe
he was sick of it,
swimming, that is,
I know I would be,
so it wasn't my fault

anyway, I'm no Olympic
javelin champion. I never
said I was a good aim
and yes, I know there's more
water than ducks
but I wanted him to get it,
and I knew the others'd fight him
I liked him, so
it can't be my fault

anyway, I didn't know
we'd come in, ruddy
after haggling down
the park keeper
from a life sentence
to a caution and a scowl
and you'd be there
on the sofa, limp
as wet bread.