Sunday, October 21, 2007

Quiet, Rain and cool Weather

Things are quieting down in Bayview this week, the aftermath of the legal threats having calmed down. The last remnants of the Bayview Trailer Park are either gone, or will shortly be. I've been somewhat inactive compared to previous years on this blog. Most of the reason is simply to much work. Retirement is wearing me out. Since I started writing my column for the Spokesman-Review, which incidentally is a feature column, not opinion, such as I sometimes delve into here. For those that don't get this local edition, I will in the future, try to write the gist of what I write there, here. Although one of my columns appeared in the Handle Extra, that was because it got bumped from "Your Voice" section. Saturday,November 3, however, I finally get to debut in a column about the mail boat route, and the history of same, in the handle Extra. Let me know what you think, after reading it. Much of the historical information that I acquired , came from the immense help that Linda Hackbarth, local historian gave me. If you don't see my column in Thursday's Your Voice, it may have been moved to Saturday's Handle Extra.

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Anonymous said...

Can you please let us know what happened to the residents of the trailer park. Last I heard they were in trouble over there. Haven't heard anything since.