Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blast (Bayview local Artists Show & Tell)

I have never been accused of being overloaded with class, unless of course you include low class. Having said that, my uneducated, but enthusiastic trip to this local art show was an eye opener. I'm totally amazed at the talent that resides right here in Bayview.

Last Saturday, these artists put together a show & tell that was fabulous. We had several outstanding artists, some of which many of us never dreamed were such. The one that caught my un-artistic eye the most, was a painting titled,"Soul Mates." It was painted by Bettie Bockstruck. In it she captured two youths crossing a stream in a ghostly manner, while riding a horse. The figures, superimposed over a similar background were eerie and fascinating. If this were a contest for originality, I'd have given her the first prize, hands down.

Above are a few of the artists and their work, starting with Susie Snider painting a team of horses, then Brenda Hunt, a pretty picture herself, then my favorite painting by Bettie Bockstruck, "Soul Mates."

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