Friday, May 16, 2008

Over the Top

The Bayview Chamber of Commerce met last Tuesday. Along with a plethora of candidates seeking various positions in county or state government, was a check presented to the treasurer by Ralph Jones, Vice-President. While some would wonder why that wouldn't be good news to everyone, some didn't think so. One such individual got in Ralph's face after the meeting to exclaim that he should have refused the money, or at least tore the check up, immediately. Why, you might ask would someone want to do something that crazy? Well, it had to do with the giver of this gift for the fireworks fund,Bob Holland, CEO of Waterford Park Homes and Waterford Park Marinas.

Last year, I myself received on behalf of the Chamber, a check for $2000 from another marina operator, Scenic Bay Marina. I too was chastised my some narrow minded people. At some point people, you are going to have to look into the mirror for the purpose of finding out whether you like the person you see. When attitudes get so radical that all practicality is thrown out the window, that labels you as a radical.

What we need more of in this community is cooperation. A coming together. I personally would like to see the Chamber newsletter and the twin published by the Bayview Community Council, combined to both save money, and to attempt cohesiveness. This town used to specialize in tolerance. Rich people rubbed elbows with others that are down and almost out, and everyone in between. Since developers have descended upon Bayview, we have been so emotional about the changes that appear to be inevitable, that very few are thinking straight.

It is past time to start thinking about returning to those days of tolerating all of our neighbors, not just those that agree with us or that are equally rabid. Anyone and everyone should thank donors regardless of the person donating. This is just good manners. apparently some in the community have lost track of that most valuable trait. Business owners, such as marina operators, maybe especially marina operators, benefit the most by the publicity and participation of those tourists that flock into town for Bayview Days. As such, it is reasonable and proper that these business contribute larger amounts than the average resident. Good manners don't cost a thing. Bad manners cost your humanity, and show lack of class.


Nan & Bob Fletcher said...

"It is past time to start thinking about returning to those days of tolerating all of our neighbors, not just those that agree with us or that are equally rabid."
We agree completely with your statement above , Herb..but will it ever happen ?? Seems like things have gone too far and some folks refuse to to smoke the peace pipe!
Nan & Bob Fletcher

Bay Views said...

It only takes one hand reaching out for the other. If you can't do that, you can't help. It's easy to oppose ideas, entirely another to compromise. If it doesn't happen, it will be because you and others with the same attitude can't step back and attempt to repair lost friendships.

Bay Views said...

I just refused a comment from an anonymous reader. In it, he or she misinterpreted, either purposely or by not paying attention to my above post. My message wasn't about loving bob Holland, it was about learning to back away long enough from issues in the community to realize that not only has Holland's presence become a social problem, but the current residents are choosing up sides and fighting with each other. I don't give a rat's ass whether you like or hate Holland. I only care about people that have gone so far overboard, that they can't accept a gesture that doesn't erase any of his alledged sins, but just simply says, "Thank You." These words only reflect common courtesy, and have absolutely nothing to do with my other reporting, but make an attempt to bring together various factions in our town.

Those of you that have tipped over, and can't think any more are the people that I wrote this post for. We have always been a small town where people got along for the most part. Why, then, should we abandon our friendships so that we can better hate. Bottom line, Phooey. I don't want to know you...

Bay Views said...

Lest anyone wonder, I do not speak for any organization or particular position or agenda. My opinions are solely my own and at times will be at odds with those that I many times agree with on other issues.

Anonymous said...

I have to ask, as we are all gather on the 4th of July weekend and watch the beauty of the fireworks, who cares who donated what?

Shame on anybody who ostrasizes Ralph for accepting a gift that benefits the community. The 4th celebration benefits everyone in Bayview, not just a few.

Anonymous said...

More Karma for Bob Holland!