Monday, August 04, 2008

A blog Is Not Jounalism in it's Common Form

Recently, some folks that disagree with my positions on community affairs, have questioned my "journalistic ethics." So that everyone, including those that know very little about journalism will understand, I will attempt to explain the difference.

When I write my column, or an article for publication in the spokesman-Review, or for that matter, any other publication that might seek my work, that is journalism. A blog, however, is a private, no holds barred, opinion oriented forum that really has no parallel to professional journalism.

I encourage those that consistently disagree with my opinions to seek other methods of entertainment, as I'm really not interested in having outsiders control my site. In most cases, I have tried to be somewhat democratic about allowing diverse opinions that may disagree with those that I have published online. I do however, draw the line at giving a person a soap box on MY blog site, the forum to tear me down.

Recently, we have had what I consider a community busting event which was covered in previous posts. That issue is dead now, except for those that will wonder why the Chamber of commerce in Bayview is paying legal fees for something they could have found out for themselves through discussing it with former officers or, (gasp) actually called the Idaho state regulatory group designated to handle such inquiries.

The obvious of course, will prevail. Meaning that those of us that were right to begin with will be vilified for our style, opposition and whatever other side issues that can be brought forth. I have observed over my lengthy lifespan that it is much easier to forgive those who are wrong than to ever forgive those who showed you were wrong and that they were right.

At some point, the community as a whole will either make honest attempts to heal wounds, or they will nurture the ones already held. That would of course be terribly unfortunate, and non-productive. To those that have opposed me in the recent effort, just remember if you can, all of those times that I lined up on your side of an issue. If you can't, then your admiration isn't necessary anyway. Most of you haven't availed yourself of my "site meter,: that little box at the end of my blog page. When clicked on, it will give you many stats reflective of who, where and why people read me. I personally find the acceptance of my forum around the world and the country, very fulfilling. Currently I am holding at 75 visits and 165 page views per day, with over the last three and one half years, over 35,000 visits and 62,000 page views. In short, it you don't like what I'm doing, stick it in your ear! Start your own forum. Do something besides criticizing others that do.

After a few days, I will, as I am accustomed to doing, forgive all of the harsh words that have been aimed at me locally. Right now, I'm still upset. It has occurred to me, and might to some of the rest of you, that if I hadn't been contacted by the chamber secretary, asking me to intercede with the attorney that the board hired, they probably would, as they pointed out to me, have recommended that a redraw occur, and the previous winner be disqualified. Regardless of her motive, unknown at this time, Claire, secretary asked for my input and it turned the situation around. Spruance, the attorney involved, actually was gracious enough to tell me that had I not brought my point of view forth, all three lawyers in the office would have concurred in the negative. Now, all we have to do is pick up the pieces.

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