Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Experiences

Having become ordained two or three years ago, I never thought I'd use the license, but today I officiated at my very first wedding. I was sitting with a couple of friends a while back. They were discussing their wedding plans and brought up the subject of who was going to perform the wedding. I piped up with, "I could do that," at which time they almost fell off their bar stools. Not many if anyone knew that I was an ordained minister, albeit the Universal Life church.

I wrote the ceremony from scratch and it was short and sweet. After all, the important parts are, "do you? do you? then pronounce.It was a lot of fun. John and Mary Golden aka Mary Stirn were married at 2:00 pm in Spirit Lake at the home of Mary's Daughter, Taryn Hecker. About eighty guests were present, the weather turned out perfect and it was a rousing success. I only hope I filled out the license correctly. I probably should have went to the county and got a sample, but somebody will yell if it wasn't done right, I'm sure.

Maybe I have a new avocation, that of a marriage mill operator. Who knows what the future will bring. I noticed that it was far less nervous to preside, than as a participant.


Anonymous said...

REALLY what a surprise. Mary is so cool. good for them both. would you please give them both my best wishes.


The Skinny on North Idaho said...

I HOPE you filled the paperwork out correctly. I don't want to have to have a do-over :) I just finished cleaning up the yard! Seriously, thanks Herb. You're did a kickass job.