Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tis sThe Season

It is upon us. whether you are a Christian, celebrating the birth of Christ, A Jew, celebrating Hanukkah, a peaceful Muslim or an agnostic, or even an animist, worshiping the trees, the Christmas season seems to cheer up everyone. Especially department stores, but I digress. Christmas Eve, just two days away, will find me at the captain's Wheel for the pot luck dinner and no host bar.

Most other activities have already taken place, including the best Christmas lighted parade, yet. Ralph's cafe shot some great video and you can ask him for that footage by contacting him at Bayviewralph@yahoo.com.

Also I would like to clarify my sloppy coverage of the restaurant situation. With the closing of the Captain's Wheel, the Patio will be open for limited food service and cocktails seven days per week from 11 to 7 or whenever. Ralph, a good friend, went to my blog before his first cup of coffee and became righteously pissed that I downgraded him to a snack bar. That was the sloppy part. Somehow, with the always beautiful Daveana, he manages to come up with many tasty meals, within the limitations of no hood or fire suppression system. You go to Ralph's you don't go home hungry. so you can't get prime rib nor a sirloin steak, hey he's got most of the rest. My most humble apology for calling your place a snack stop.

The hit of the week though, was the Christmas lighting contest which has gained momentum in the last two or three years. The first prize winners were Jan & Walt Johnson. to see this fabulous display, drive west on 6Th street in Bayview to the end. You just can't miss it. I took six pictures of it and still didn't do it justice. I needed a wide angle lens I didn't have, but the best picture that I got is displayed above.

To my fellow Christians, Merry Christmas. To the Jewish friends that I have, a happy Hanukkah. for all of the others, Stickman included may your faith, whatever it be, give you a happy holiday and a happy life to follow. Remember, this holiday isn't just about presents, though giving is one's most important acts, receiving isn't all that much of a deal. It boils down to It's all about love. Merry Christmas to all and to all, goodnight.


Bob Prince said...

Merry Christmas to you too Herb. I would also like to add my name to, what is no doubt, a long list of Ralph's satisfied customers. The meat-loaf is beyond good.....wow!!

Anonymous said...

I need to comment on the Wheel's lack of patronage. I used to be a weekly visiter to the Wheel in years past. I enjoyed visiting with neighbors & friends. The character & ambiance has changed so much in the last few years that I no longer go there. I have discussed this with other local residents who say they, too, feel the change and don't go there anymore, either. We all miss the tables & chairs that were replaced with the stools & tall "bar like" tables. But, mostly, we miss the Campbells & the way they cared for the Wheel & the community.

I had planned to go to the Wheel last night, with my long time Bayview resident neighbor. We decided to stay home & visit here, instead. I always used to say that the Wheel would always be the Wheel, but it is not anymore. There are many locals who miss the old comradery we used to share at the Wheel. The last meal I had there was spoiled by the stinky smell of the upholstery & the very poor service provided. It was also embarrassing to need to apologize to my companions for the run down state of the place.

I am very sad to see that the Wheel is not doing well. I've been missing it for a few years now.

- 17 year Bayview resident.