Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weather, Or Not

It appears that the weather guessers are somewhat worried over two systems about to meet and clash right over us. A cold front swooping down from Canada is fixin' to bump heads with the warm front surging up from California. Expected to hit Monday evening and Tuesday, they have changed from predicting 3-6 inches, to warning that it could be much worse.

Why those cursed Californians continue to send us weather they don't want is beyond me. Why not ship it to Arizona and New Mexico where they can use it? (Oops, apologies to my friends wintering in Arizona)Anyway, when two weather systems converge, heavy precipitation can occur. Where they converge, appears to be right here.

Speaking of Arizona, I spoke with Jean Campbell yesterday. Jim & Jean are former owners of the Captain's Wheel. They alternate between Lake Siskiyou in the summer, as restaurant/gift shop operators and Welton, Arizona where they hunker down for the winter. Apparently they had a wind storm with wind velocities above 50 mph, with light rain, which produced a monster mud bath. So it turns out they, too have to shovel weather in the winter.

In other news, Santa may or may not be on time for Christmas. It turns out the Air Traffic Control system is overloaded, and Santa may be diverted to Moses Lake or some such isolated destination. Speaking of Christmas, for you eternal optimists, Accuweather has a snow storm hitting 12/24 through 12/25. A bit of a long range forecast, but hey, this is for the optimists.

I plan on joining others at the Captain's wheel for their Christmas Eve Pot Luck dinner. It starts at 4:00 pm. Bring your goodies or just yourselves, since many bring more than their share anyway. Break out those mittens, folks.


12/15/09: The weather guessers are now welshing on the Christmas snow storm They now say it will happen a day or so after Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Herb, where did you take this picture ??
Thanks, Ric

Bay Views said...

The picture was taken of the Athol Elementary parking lot 2/08. I just used it for a Winter scene, not current events, thankfully.

Ric said...

What's the snow scene like in Bayview.
Thanks Ric

Bay Views said...

All gone, gone, gone. Even the slush is history.

Bay Views said...

Ric, can you contact me thru e-mail?