Monday, December 07, 2009

Whaterever It Takes...!

That is what Bayview residents received on their doorsteps Friday Night, as four men riding in a pickup threw leaflets on most everyone's lawn stuffed in a plastic baggie and weighted down with ballast rock allegedly stolen from the Burlington Northern tracks in Athol.

The content is as follows:

"Know That Whatever It Takes, White America will survive!
It is signed, not with a name, but the Aryan Nations, National Headquarters, P.O. Box 91, Athol, Idaho, 83801"

"Join The Ranks." Etc.Etc.

Captain Ben Wolfinger told me today that they invite a criminal complaint on this matter, and will definitely follow through. If you have received one of these pieces of filth and desire the perpetrators to be brought to justice for littering, call the Kootenai Sheriff department 208-446-1300 and file your complaint. Each such call is treated as a separate count of littering. Let's make it expensive for these Jerks to do what they do. Never has the city of Athol's claim to fame name wise, ever been more appropriate than with these residents. Some of us view this series of acts as the equivalent of burning a cross in a neighbor's yard, sans the fire hazard.

My humble apology to Ben Wolfinger. I referred to him as always, as Captain. It turns out her was promoted to Major. A big congrats to Ben Wolfinger, a truly conscientious peace officer.

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Anonymous said...


There is an article in today's Press. If we ignore these folks they may just disappear. Right now we have given them the publicity and attention they wanted, as our reward for complaining they will redouble their efforts in Bayview, meaning more perfectly legal political flyers. Ho hum!

Norma Jean