Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Shocking Sight

Heading back from Colville, Washington on yet another trek to discover our family heritage, I stopped for gas in Chewelah. Right smack in the middle of town was a Chevron Station at the traffic light.The only light in town.

I pulled up to the pump prepared to get out and gas up the car. But no. This was a full service station. The owner actually pumped my gas and cleaned the windshield. I was stunned at the sight, since the last full service station I have seen was too far back in memory to recall.

I asked the proprietor whether he was full service out of choice or was he just too cheap to buy a computerized system? He chuckled and said, "well, kind of both but everyone seems to like it this way so I keep on doing it." As I turned around to reenter the intersection to 49 degrees north, I swung by the pumps where he was filling a lady's tank. I stopped and suggested he rename the station, Dinosaur Chevron. They broke up and I continued on my way. For those that are interested, which is probably just the places I buy gas, it is exactly 108 miles from my door to Colville. 

Colville is a laid back town even for wildlife. During the afternoon I spotted four deer munching on lawns.One was in a school yard.

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