Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Panhandle Sun Dies

As I suspected from near the start, the Sun is no more. It goes without saying that everyone connected with the paper, especially including the investors gave it all they had. Unfortunately, there just wasn't enough journalistic knowledge in the organization, nor was there enough effort given to quality content.

It looked to me, especially after I was limited to 300 words for Bayview Daze, and the issue two days later had a half page farewell letter from the departing editor, plus a two full page history of Houser Lake, all in one issue. Obviously, that left little room or editorial judgement for success.

It was a nice try, but the wrong people were listened to and the rest is a short history. I will say this about the paper. I thought the layout and art work were superb. With the stories being more of local interest and ads follow local interest, it might have made it. It's a rough business even at the best of times. For those that poured their very souls into the paper, Crystal Jensen and Shelley Chambers, I feel badly that the rest of the staff didn't measure up. Even if they had, it is questionable in this economy if they could have made it.

As always, I will try to keep track of things in the surrounding communities on this blog. I am limited though, to information that is shared with me. e-mail or phone me with stories, events , etc and I will do my best to pass them on. Bless the investors that had a great idea, and put their money up without hesitation.

I also accept ads, except I'm not an illustrator and you must submit a finished product. I have a side bar that is usable for this purpose.

Herb Huseland

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