Friday, May 10, 2013

Diamond Cup 2013

I have been asked repeatedly several questions about the unlimited hydroplane races scheduled for the Labor Day week-end. The first and most asked is, "will there be a race this year or not?" The answer is absolutely yes.

This year's regatta will be full of surprises that I am not authorized to discuss quite yet. While I will be writing much between now and August 30, where I will trade my computer for a microphone, I am not the official spokesperson for the committee. The Chairperson, Doug Miller is in charge of that sort of thing. If he asks me, I will certainly make periodic announcements, but it will kick off in a week or two, with a press conference.

With last year falling short, the committee feels conservative and want's every I dotted and T crossed before doing that. We are only days away from that happening. The information that I now possess is proprietary and I cannot comment.

I can tell you that there will be surprises galore. Plan on spending all three days here in Coeur d'Alene. Tickets are available through Don't be square, See you there. August 30, September 1-2.

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John Land said...

Dear Herb,
For those of us coming from the home of the "Merlin" when exactly are the races. Should you all wear "Wings" as my farther did. Moreover can you guarantee there will be no ME109's?
Best wishes to all,
Oxford England.