Monday, May 20, 2013

Tough Family

Thursday was a day of excitement and some pain, too. It seems my Grandson, Dean was playing baseball during P.E. when he slid hard into second base after a hit. School officials immediately reacted, as it was obvious that Dean was hurt. After a quick check they called 911. He was transported to the local hospital with which turned out to be a broken arm. Both bones.

My son, Herb Jr was phoned by the school. Dean, having some tough times growing up had experienced some disciplinary problems in the past. Fearing the worst, Herb Jr was relieved that it was only an injury and not an expulsion call. He rushed to the hospital sped by fear.

Upon reaching said institution, as Dean was wheeled into surgery, he asked just one question. "Were you safe,? " he asked. He was.

The following day, after an all night vigil, my son called the boy's Grandmother, my former wife. Her first question was, "Why didn't he score?"

Changing the subject, I have decided, along with my partner to sell our cute little sail boat. We are both to old and to decrepit to crawl around on the decks tangling shrouds.It's a bargain. A 21 foot Macgregor with a  lift hatch that allows passengers to stand up while under way. The main sail needs replacing, but the boat itself and the remaining jibs are in excellent shape. The boat comes with a trailer, but with no motor. This boat is priced at $800.00. No other offers will be accepted unless they are higher.

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