Tuesday, July 15, 2014



This is a video depicting the pickup that Arfie was in. As is obvious, the dog could have done no harm to anyone, since the window was only open far enough for ventilation. The bullet hole in the window offers proof positive that the officer was in no danger at all. He apparently shot because he was startled.

A law enforcement officer has a great burden when risking his own life while serving the public safety. Having said that, restraint is an absolute must. I immediately flashed to an image involving a person instead of a protective pet.

Recently there have been way too many incidents where shooting a suspect is the first choice, when they all carry mace and shock guns. Taking another's life is a decision that should be a last resort, not a first. This officer has shown an outrageous lack of judgement. To shoot through a window at either a dog or a person, when the officer is not threatened in any way, is murder.

This officer should immediately be fired as unsuitable for carrying a weapon of any kind. A hair trigger response is not responsible, especially in a law enforcement officer. There simply isn't an excuse in this case that will wash. Down the road.

He needs to work in a non-violent job like McDonald's or ... Wait,  did say non-violent. OK, so a fast food job might be too much responsibility.  Try something, anything that doesn't involve good judgement, if there is such a thing.

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