Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Cry me a River is the new theme song developed by Doug Miller and his cohorts at Hydromaniacs, (appropriate). Citing disloyalty, sabotage and other sundry excuses, the one at fault in the end was Doug Miller, the guy pointing a finger at most everyone else.

In a press release yesterday, which I believe was written by Steve Sheppard of Hydromaniacs, shots were scattered everywhere in an attempt to explain what was obvious. Instead of attending to minor issues such as site security, Miller spent most of the time rubbing elbows with the race drivers and owners in the pits.

Perhaps the worst sin was that of Dissing the leader of the sanctioning body, h-1.How in hell were they planning a 2015 race after cementing their demise by insulting the people need to sanction the next race. Miller's ego got in the way as he was offered, contrary to the press release, a buyout by others that realized Miller was a brilliant promoter, but incompetent as a manager. If you wanted to buy snake oil, Doug is your man.

It is obvious that a race is a popular idea. Sure, not everyone is a hydro fan. But then not everyone is a fan of Iron Man and other very popular events. It only takes about 20,000 spectators (that pay) to make a successful event of this magnitude work.  Last year's event had that many, but most of them were not controlled by ticket sales security.

There most likely will be a 2015 hydroplane race in Kootenai County next year. It will be a new group made up of responsible members, and most likely a non-profit event. The fine group of advisers from 2013 melted away like ice cubes in July heat after last year. The huge unpaid debt and mismanagement caused all of the previously involved to fade away.

To blame anyone else for your own failures is just whining. There is an old saying; "Lead, follow or get out of the way." Doug, I suggest you get out of the way.

These stats are not audited, but believed to be accurate.

INB  $130,000
 H1 still owed $70k
Durham Bus Company still owed $40k
Traffic Corp still owed $30k
Hite Crane still owed $11k
NW Tree still owed $11k
Kootenai Fire still owed $15k
Kootenai Landfill still owed $2500
Pat Stroud  $4000
The problem here is Mr Miller and his plan to make enought this year to pay last years bills and this years bills. All with less than 30 days to get enough volunteers to make it happen. Total unpaid debt in excess of $313,500. In addition are boat rides sold believed to be around $5000. Diamond Cup, LC has offered refunds. Good luck on that.

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