Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Much has been written about Washington's  new Marijuana law. I decided to do the math. At $25.00 per gram 3.5 grams (one eighth ounce) the price is $87.50. On the street you can buy an eighth for $40.00.

Somehow I don't think the state is going to kill off the black market. In fact it is possible that they have set the bar higher for illegal pot. One of the ironies is that you can buy an ounce from a drug dealer for about $300 and the minute it hits your pocket it is untraceable from the legal which would have cost $700.00.

When I was a young man, I remember all gambling except bingo was illegal, immoral and was reputed to break up families. Then the state found a way to tax it. Suddenly all of the preaching about the evils went away.

Now we have legal pot. While the federal government hasn't come to their collective sense, they are ignoring the issue in states that have legalized it. With 25% taxes levied against the grower, then another 25% against the processor and again against the retail sale, the tax which is compounded, is actually $95.31% Now do you all understand that pot is no longer bad for you?

It would seem that government greed knows no boundaries. Legal $700, illegal $300.00. If the new law was designed to attack drug lords, they missed by a mile. The moral of this story is ... What? 

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