Wednesday, December 03, 2014


It ain't Miller Time anymore.

In an article published this morning, David Cole of the Coeur d'Alene Press interviewed Steve David, former driver of the Oberto boat is now president of H-1, the sanctioning  body for unlimited hydroplane racing.

So that there be no mistake, I am printing precisely the words of Doug Miller,

"Miller said he and his group have a state permit to use the lake."

"If H1 wants to race on Lake Coeur d'Alene they will have to work with us," Miller said. "Our intention is to have a race during Labor Day weekend - with or without H1."

This simply not true. They have a permit from the department of lands for racing 3 years. The permit is not exclusive, excepting Labor Day Weekend. It is also subject to cancellation if the Idaho Department of Lands   deem it necessary due to the shaky financial state of the Diamond Cup.

Steve David, in an interview with Cole, stated that Doug Miller is not now nor will he ever be given another permit to race the unlimited hydroplanes.

As to the claim that they own the lake for racing, that is ridiculous and false. Perhaps even delusional. Any other organization that has the financial strength and aptitude can get a state permit to race anytime but Labor Day Weekend. They can also get the blessings of H-1. At this time it is believed that Miller's reputation with boat owners and crews will prohibit anything faster than a rowboat race.

Attorneys are lining up to sue for the debts not only to H-1, which is reported to be more than $50,000, but virtually all from the crane company to security, and bus company, much of it allegedly guaranteed personally by Miller and Kroetch. I am a friend of Keith Kroetch. I bear him no animosity. He invested in Doug Miller, withouth any control over the money. I consider him a victim even more that the vendors that were not paid. Keith has bet his fortune on a guy that alledgedly cannot find the truth with all fingers and toes. While Doug can sell refrigerators to Eskimos, he has problems with collecting the money.

The person supervising the bus transportation from the fairgrounds to the race course, swears that he transported 20,000 people with either tickets or wristbands Where did that money go, Doug?

The pigeons have come home to roost for the diamond cup committee, such as it is. H-1 has without reservation, killed off the feeble attempts at talking their way through this mine field of stiffed creditors and broken promises.

It is now open to those that held back until H-1 was heard from to organize, perhaps under a new name and on an alternative date. Interesting days are ahead for Coeur d'Alene summer activities.

If you are wondering why I am being negative toward Miller, it is simple. I was his public relations guy. When it became clear that the whole thing was suspicious, I got out, so my credibility would not be ruined.

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