Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Eagles, Eagles N' dead fish

This picture taken by Ralph Jones of Ralph's Coffee House was taken in Echo By just around the corner from Bayview. He took another with Sharon Findlay, his guest's better camera which has been seen on Facebook and the Spokesman-Review. This kind of looks like a tree decorated with eagles for Christmas.

I talked with Ralph this morning about a visit from Scott Maben of the Spokesman-Review. They got some good pictures and shots of a lot of dead Kokanee. Ralph sez you can almost walk across the bay with the entire surface covered with spawned out fish.

The wind yesterday, drove thousands of dead fish into the harbor near the Navy Base and MacDonald's, where it is hoped they are consumed by the thousands of Seagulls which appeared from somewhere. The shore spawn comes later in the season than The one at Granite Creek.

The Granite Creek spawn is routed into Sullivan Springs where they are milked for eggs and milt. The shore spawn is heaviest From Vista Bay Marina, past the navy  into the JD's and Scenic Bay Resorts. All shore spawn is natural, as the Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer starts around the front of the Navy Base, cleaning the gravel which is prime spawning turf.Come on down with your camera, and an appetite where our three winter Cafes are. Ralph's, whose historical pictures span the walls and good food to boot. Mario's is the new Mexican Restaurant and The Captain's Wheel where food and cocktails abound.

We also regained the Bayview Mercantile, newly named Bayview General Store. Their prices are competitive with anyon so be sure to use them for some of you shopping.
after losing the stor for a year the new owners are doing a great job and if we want to keep them they need your business. 

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