Thursday, December 11, 2014


Recently a chain store recalled wrapping paper because it had an intertwined design that included what could be construed as a swastika.  Lakeview, across the water from Bayview once a thriving mining town, had a Swastika Hotel. It too was pre-Nazi. The history of the hotel describes the symbol as a Greek Good Luck thing. Could our society with strict PC be floundering under inherited guilt?

I grew up during the 1940's and 50's. It was a simpler life. Your behavior was either polite or rude. We didn't have all the sub-divisions of behavior that the media invented term, "political correctness." This of course means whatever your critic says it means. No longer can we tell ethnic jokes because it might hurt someone's feelings. Heck we all laughed at jokes about our own. We were a hardy class that had much thicker skin that the societal perverts of today.

An obvious example of racism that currently abounds, like Ferguson, Missouri, is that of black rabble rousers like Sharpton and others that immediately and in lock step side with the black criminal that tried to beat an officer to death. It was alright though, because the cop was white.

None of the black community objected when the media printed a picture of the criminal at a much earlier age. None of them paid any attention to the forensic evidence that proved "hands up don't shoot," was and is a misplaced and misused lie. But hey, it was convenient as a battle cry from the hoods that live on the streets of Ghetto America.

Stop paying attention to stats showing a high percentage of blacks are stopped by traffic enforcement, or the stats that show a large majority of prisoners are black.  The assumption that this is born from cop prejudice is in and of itself racial prejudice, but from the black community and of course the ultra liberal apologists that believe the minority community is always right and we whites are automatically wrong. Could it be that there are more inmates that are minorities than whites?

Rather that make defensive excuses for their grown kids, how about if the black community police their own neighborhoods of dope dealers and such. If these habitual criminals are a statistical majority of jailed blacks or Latinos, perhaps it s because they commit more crimes. To blame the criminal justice system for jailing little johnny, they should blame the perpetrator for a change.

I am sick and tired of the guilt trip the mainstream media is inventing for shock value. Clean your own house and the police ignore you. Show a high crime area in which you live that is primarily black or any other high crime ethnicity and that neighborhood has residents that are living a live of crime.

Stop making excuses for near-do-wells. They will always choose crime if they can rationalize why they are forced to that lifestyle because of the man. Force them to get a trade, dress like they might be straight and take responsibility for themselves.

If you want to point at any group that is suffering persecution, try law enforcement which never seems to be right. The cop in Ferguson will never work in law enforcement again and they didn't even give him severance pay. All because being right doesn't protect you. The city threw the cop under the bus because they wanted to defuse the anger and weren't even embarrassed  about it.

Such is the dilemma where all of us have inherited guilt, and none of the guilty. So much for PC.

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