Friday, February 12, 2016


Today's paper announced an agreement by the world powers for a cease fire in the disputed lands. Except ...

Yes this agreement is full of holes. Russia can still bomb the insurgents battling Syria's government troops, calling them terrorists.

Turkey, a NATO member is bombing the Peshmerga, they most powerful opponent of ISIS.  The U.S. is bombing those that are left over.

This inevitability started at the close of WW 1, when the Ottoman Empire was divided up among the neighboring countries. Unfortunately, Kurdistan was dissolved and given to Iraq, Syria and Iran. This has caused a continuing war for independence  by this group that are Muslims, but not of the type approved by other sects.

Until this century old injustice is resolved,  and new borders set, there will be war in the middle est perpetually. I see Iran annexing southern Iraq, the Kurds the north and Sunni Muslims he center.

Syria is such a mess that My imagination cannot conjure u[ a solution. The world is on fire with very little leadership, other than power plays, is being featured by the world powers. God help us all.

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