Sunday, February 07, 2016

Saturday Debate

Governor Christie took on a Trump like attitude when he attacked Senator Rubio for staying on message, by stating it was repetitious and suggested he had no other views. He was wrong. There is great precedent for repetitious speeches

Back in 1964, an actor without any political experience started his political career running for a first term as California Governor. He gave the same speech over and over. We used to refer to it as, "The speech." He won that election and then another, bringing California back from the brink of bankruptcy. His constant referral to Lord Action's famous words, "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts, absolutely."

He applied conservative principles, but still was able to work with Jesse Unrah (sp) and a democratic legislature. His name was Ronald Reagan. I knew him before he took office in 1966 and mc'ed a speech he gave in Santa Ana, California. He too, gave the same speech over and over. Two reasons that worked, one he touched the collective souls of the majority of voters, many of whom were democrats.

He wasn't foolish enough to think he could govern with just the far right. The John Birch Society was very active in Orange County back then, but he never caved in to their extremism.

Another example, a Democrat, John F. Kennedy, was a freshman senator who gained the voters needed because he had an outgoing personality and warmth. Senator Rubio doesn't need to change his speech and has in common Kennedy as an example of an inexperienced candidate winning and for the most part, considering his short tenure, did OK.

Rubio exudes warmth and personality that none of the other candidates have in abundance. He can win in November where the others cannot. Running him off is a guarantee of another Democratic presidency. In this time in our history, it is critical to oust the Dems, who in their eight years with Obama and Hillary as Secretary of State, has the world on fire, because the most powerful nation on earch, dithers with a program of converting this country into something less than a capitalist place where succes is up to the individual, not a federal bureaucracy.

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