Thursday, February 25, 2016

Collective Insanity Rules Our Nation

It is beginning to look like the nation's collective sense has flown the coop. Suddenly, people, many of which have repeatedly refused to vote, have decided in their infinite wisdom that they will now vote.

Unfortunately they will vote for a narcissistic buffoon that has absolutely no conservative credentials. Not even moderate ones. For Rubio to lose Florida, it would be not only a disaster for him, but for the country as well.

Many of these people care only about hearing an echo of their anger. Winning in November doesn't seem to matter. I worry for our country.Neither Trump nor Clinton will give us good government.

We are collectively committing national suicide through the ignorance of the newly discovered electorate. I am more fortunate than most younger people. I won't have to live under the rapid decline of this nation for very long. I'm thinking of having my dead body shipped to Canada in protest.

With Rubio projected to lose his home state of Florida tells me one thing. The Cuban voters are registered democrats. He should be able to walk away with Florida with it's huge population of former Cubans, and their citizen children.

I can see this loose cannon starting a world war. With his temper and proclivity for name calling, his foreign policy will not exist. Trump is resisting disclosure of his tax returns, saying they are complicated. Sure, he probably isn't paying any taxes at all.

With Hillary Clinton, in a race to get nominated before she is indicted, is not a viable choice.  I hope this country's voters will wake up to the realities, but I don't hold much hope for that.

***Post Thursday debate:

After watching the debate for about 30 minutes, I finally had to turn it off. It was a shouting match akin to a bar fight. Trump never let a speaker complete his presentation without interrupting, usually by talking over the other candidates in a louder voice. The debate was controlled and dominated by Donald Trump.

CNN, who (ahem) moderated this fiasco, totally lost control. They should have shut off Trump's mic after he blatantly took over. 

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