Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Future Republican Party

If Donald Trump wins the Republican Nomination, there are three possible outcomes. One, he loses to Hilary Clinton. Two, he destroys the Republican Party.Three, he totally changes the demographics of the party into a vast unknown place.

It is clear that he leads a portion of the electorate that probably hasn't voted often or even ever. The majority of these supporters like that he sounds about like the voter would themselves, totally forgetting that they wouldn't be qualified to lead the country either.

It would help if Trump had a political agenda so we would have a reference point to measure him by. He definitely isn't a conservative, nor is he especially religious, yet Charismatic Christians are flocking to him, with notable exceptions.

The founder of Hobby Lobby, who went to the Supreme Court over religious rights, has characterized Trump as a non-Christian who uses name calling and a heightened volume to out shout the other candidates and even the moderators at the debates.

His insults apparently resonate with many, but certainly not educated, successful people. Perhaps a sudden awakening will take place before it is too late, if it isn't already, but I'm not counting on it. The inmates, are now running the asylums. 

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Sarah Surreal said...

You missed the grand possibility that Trump could effectively accomplish all three of the alternatives you mentioned. In fact, in all liklihood, he as probably already achieved at least one if not two of those choices; and the election is still nearly 9 months in the future!