Monday, March 21, 2016

Dick Hansen, R.I.P

I have no details, but Dick a long time forester, retired, and owner along with wife Shirley died yesterday.

They own the Bitter End Marina along with extensive acreage on the north side of Cape Horn Road. More when I get it. Dick is one of the most respected people in town and many other places.

I would like to add that I feel we in Bayview, and other places have lost a giant of a man. He will be missed.My condolences to Shirley, his wife, and to his children and grand children.

**cdlarkin, by email

 Hi Herb, sorry to hear about Dick's passing, he was our Forestry Instructor in 1965-1967 at North Idaho Junior College, we were the first class in Forestry, about 25 students. Dick was quiet, but very well versed and  respected and we learned a lot from him. RIP my friend!

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