Friday, March 11, 2016

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech apparently means different things to different people. The Move On agitators apparently only believe that it applies to them, not to those that have different views.

Refusing the right of others to speak freely and for those interested to hear that speech has no relationship to free speech. It is bordering on riot and denying others to gather for a lawful purpose.  Extremists from both the far left and far right don't get it. though those on the far left have a tendency to get violent more.

As I watched the cancelled speech at the University of Illinois unfold, it struck me that the campuses teach leftist beliefs and foster that born in the '60's I am not a supporter of Trump, but I do support his Right and that of his followers to congregate together.

The gathering of a diverse  bunch of agitators didn't promote free speech, they denied it.   If our college campuses intend to put up with this kind of behavior, perhaps federal funding should be withheld along with subsidized tuition. You teach hard core misbehavior, it will cost you.

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