Thursday, March 31, 2016

Political Terminology

Many opponents of Donald Trump have labeled his supporters as. "The Great Unwashed," Rednecks and low class blue collar workers. I'm the last person who has the wisdom and/or the ignorance to follow this trend. I can, however, point out some important points.

Many of us Republicans have mixed feelings about this. That the party is being ripped apart is obvious. That it is doomed is not necesarily the case. While the polls and pundits have faced many issues, they haven't yet counted democrats among Trump supporters opposed to republicans.

The pronouncements from the press and pollsters have repeatedly stated that republican votors have in some cases doubled in numbers. This isn't necessarily an indication of a resurgent GOP, but a possible crossover vote from the democratic party and of course thos that never vote. UNTIL NOW!

Broken down, the dems may lose just as many voters as the GOP if Trump wins the nomination. In my view, If Trump becomes our president, we will either become a dictatorship or he will be charged by the congress and convicted by the senate in the early days of his administration.

While terrorist are attacking all over the world, we may be hoisting one into the most powerful position in the world, by popular vote. God help us all.


Bay Views said...

This post finally drew a comment from a Trump supporter. The reason I identified this person so readily, was he followed his hero by insulting me repeatedly. He even called me a Democrat. Well Pal, I've voted straight Republican in all national elections since and including 1964 when I voted for Barry Goldwater. I worked with Ronald Reagan and his daughter, Maureen in 1965 working up to his first term as California Governor. My pedigree does not, however, include name calling, or radical people symbolically foaming at the mouth. I deleted it.

Bay Views said...

I sign my name to everything I write. It is unfortunate that some take the cowardly path and insult from cover. I will not post any comment whose author does not identify themselves.