Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Play Ball

Thankfully, for us couch slouches, we have another season of every night sports. Baseball.as always,  tends to start awkwardly.

Yesterday, The Mariners got in there own way to make the record books as the first team to limit the other team to one hit and still lose. The uncharacteristic meltdown of the King cost the Seattle team their first win.

Tonight was way different. The Rangers and Mariners faced an inept plate umpire that couldn't seem to find home plate with a seeing eye dog. and when he did, the locations tended to change from pitch to pitch. Since the advent of radar recording  pitch locations, losers should not last very long as plate umpires. This one won't either unless he changes his view.

However, the Mariners changed their direction as dingers and doubles flooded the scoreboard. Scoring 10-2 they destroyed the Texans. The only entertainment was after giving up two home runs and two doubles, former pitcher for the Mariners,  Tom Wilhelmsen. He finished with a deliberate pitch that was the only one that hit the intended target. The Mariners catcher. Ruled intentional, Wilhelmsen was chased, which was a merciful act.

Tomorrow Seattle faces The Rangers again, 6:00 pm our time.

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