Wednesday, April 13, 2016

College Costs

While the special credit classes in high Schools are a good start in the right direction, it isn't enough. Most students that aspire to higher education are not blessed with rich parents. I have a plan.

I graduated from high school in Renton, Washington in 1956. Probably no more than 20 per cent of my class went on to obtain a college degree. We had a large Boeing plant and other industry for those not wishing to go further in school.

Today, sixty years later, we in this country are importing most of our intellect from India and the orient. These countries are sponsoring their brighter kids to universities in our country. To keep many of these professions for out own brightest kids, I propose a 13th and 14th grade, with college credits and funded in the same way high school is. We would limit these 2 years to students with a 3.0 or better gpa.

Our brain drain has to stop. 14 years ago I traveled to Seattle where the VA imported an associate professor of Radiology to perform a Brake therapy procedure for my prostate cancer. Assisting him were five students, either interns or residents, all from India. In most cases, I take a conservative position. Education isn't one of them.

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