Thursday, March 24, 2016

Brokered Conventions

Since the advent of primary elections, brokered conventions have become rare. But let me tell you how it used to be.

Many candidates in high delegate states would run as favorite sons. When the conventions occurred, bargaining began. Sometimes the favorite coming into the convention would lose to a candidate that may have started out as a dark horse.

This was due to many delegations would send uncommitted delegates to the convention, who would then horse trade for what they wanted from the new president designate. My family used to sit for hours as 10 and more ballots would take place. Finally, a state would switch candidates and a nomination would happen.

Folks this was the way it was back in the 1950's. Whore houses in Nevada had better reputations than convention delegates. Still it was great entertainment. The price is right and do you want to be a millionaire of today wasn't as entertaining.

The roll calls were tense, as you would hear, "Mr Chairman, the great state of (fill in the blanks) cast all 38 of it's votes for (fill in the blanks) the next president of the United States of America.

These would usually take the place of a chamber of commerce with some taking 10 minutes to announce their selection while we the audience hung on every word as we sat on the edge of our seats.

This wasn't democracy in action so much as representing the smoke filled room strategies of the day. The closest we can come to those days are the states that still use caucuses that represent a small fraction of the electorate.

Whether this type of convention happens this year, only time will tell. The pundits tell us that it is extremely possible  that the clown named Trump may not have enough votes to trump ( I couldn't resist) the other wannabes.

After the first ballot or so, depending on the individual state's rules, if a majority isn't there, the bargaining begins. If anyone wonders why some candidates suspended their campaigns rather than dropping out, they still have their delegates to bargain with come the convention.

Let the carnival begin as most of us traditional republicans, (Neither Tea Party, Constitutionalists, libertarians, etc) try to squirm out of the prospect that we may have of a president Clinton or Trump.

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