Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Belgium Burns

Most of us have read or at least heard about the siege of Troy and the story of the Trojan Horse. Certainly, this story fits perfectly with today's refugee crisis, and thousands of Muslims, some of them Jihadists, being welcomed into Europe and here in the USA.

The Paris massacre, followed by the arrest of the last perpetrator in Belgium apparently triggered today's mass bombing of the Brussels airport and subway train terminals. Leaving hundreds severely injured and many dead.

Europe, after welcoming hundreds of thousands refugees from Syria and other hot spots without a doubt from any sane person, resulted in a free for all for these terrorists.

The open door policy spawned by the UN and our don't call them "Islamic or Muslim terrorists" president, have opened up Pandora's box for these brutal thugs. The only challenge now is a pathway to explosives, which is a simple thing.

The oath a president takes, is to protect our constitution and our citizens from attack. Not to play golf in Cuba.Obama is so entwined with his ultra liberal philosophy, that practical matters are not on his agenda.

Perhaps impeachment would be in order, except during an election year, he could commit murder in front of 20 witnesses and the senate would still not convict. One wonders what will be left of our country between now and January 20, 2017.

Many politicians of the left, have coined the term,"Fear " when discussing this problem. This is terminological spin. To suggest that concern over national security is emotional, rather than logical preparedness.

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