Thursday, July 05, 2007

Anonymous Crawls Out From Rock

Several times recently, we have received anonymous comments from apparently one person. That person started out by attacking the personal character of Jim Brady, Regional enforcement manger for Idaho Department of lands. Since it was a personal attack, and unsigned I deleted it. The difference, is that when we attack someone, it is for what they have done or said, and I always sign my name to these comments.

To single out another person for chastisement, which I suspect originates from an employee of Waterford,and do it behind the cloak of anonymity, is a cowardly act. I allowed the latest comment, because it was pointed at me, and I am using it to make a point. This is not a chat room on the Internet where anything goes. I am publisher, editor and opinion writer for this on line publication.

Freedom of speech includes all of those rights, as long as I don't deliberately falsify an alleged fact. Freedom not to read this is or not, should be obvious. We don't mind anonymous commenter's, as long as they realize that by not signing their name, they give up the right to be heard if I so deem it necessary.

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