Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Vanishing Lake Blamed on Global Warming.

The story from Chili in the Andes, points out that melt water from a nearby glacier over filled a lake, which then broke though an Ice Dam, thereby draining the lake.

This kind of sounded familiar. Where had I seen this phenomena before? Aha! Yes! The exact same thing happened to Lake Missoula twelve thousand years ago. Say, you don't suppose that the Earth has natural cycles, do you? Nah, it wouldn't fit political profiles which of course would be blasphemy.

We treat ancient glaciers that covered most of North American and Europe as an anomaly, when actually they have extended and retreated many times in Earth's history. The current global warming trend could be considered started when Lake Missoula let loose, which as stated above,happened quite a while back ...

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Anonymous said...

You don't believe that the way we've treated the earth is affecting the climate drastically?

Of course there have always been cycles of warming and cooling, but I hope you've noticed there's no geologic evidence that it's ever happened at such a drastic rate in the past.