Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bayview Daze, Revisited

Now that we have had a few days to recover from the big weekend, a number of thoughts occur. First and foremost, the retirement of Liz Justus and Lorraine Landwehr, parade directors for the last 26 years. This was their last dance. In the future, they will help only in an advisory role. The passing of the torch will find younger folks to carry on.

Fireworks fund raising was a success and met all goals. Both participating commercial and individual efforts were superb.

The picture above, is interesting, with myself as Master of Ceremonies, Suzy Orth to sing the National Anthem, Parade Judges; Sheryl Puckett, Margaret Nelson and Paul Ziegler. But wait! There is one more person on the reviewing stand. Drummer, Steve Cripe, wanting a good seat, grabbed two milk cases from the Mercantile, hoisted himself up to the rear of the truck and hid in plain sight, the rest of us none the wiser. I guess he figured that drummers normally sit at the back of the band, so he felt comfy there. With the exception that we don't know any normal drummers, of course.

Speaking of the reviewing stand, it is a must that we recognize the great contribution that the U.S. Navy makes, year after year. The truck and sound system for the parade. Parking for the booking bus for the Sheriff Department and the loan of a barge for the fireworks display. If we had asked for more, I'm reasonably sure that the Navy would have stepped up. Onward and upward. It's time to plan for next year.

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