Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bayview Ain't So Small

L-R Larry Grant, Gordon Fuller and Ralph Jones, Host. Fuller, who is blind,
is a member of the Idaho Governor's Independent Living Council.

While normally, Bayview is bypassed on the road to public office, we had a visit by democratic candidate for Congress, Larry Grant the other day. Grant, running for Bill Sali's First District seat, stopped by Ralph's Internet Cafe to visit with supporters, along with his entourage. Rick Currie, Chairman of the county Board of Commissioners told me he was going to try to attend tonight's Bayview Chamber of commerce meeting. Minor surgery with his wife being the only problem. Curry has been real good about visiting with Bayview citizens over problems, both real and perceived. While he can't always do what the folks here would like to see, he doesn't hide in his office, either.

It is my solemn duty to remind you of an occasion that isn't so solemn, as the annual pajama party at the Captain's Wheel cranks up for a St. Patrick's Day celebration, Saturday, March 15. Be there. Waivers are granted for those of us that sleep nude.

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