Sunday, March 30, 2008

Juvenile Vandalism

I have hesitated about writing this, due to my concern that the idiot that vandalized my mailbox was trying to get attention. I went to the Bayview Post Office Friday to pick up my mail. Written on the box was the word, if in fact it is a word, "BLOGFAG."

In addition to the slur, I found the keyhole in my mail box glued shut.It only inconvenienced me for a minute or two while I had the Postmaster retrieve my mail, but the thought occurred to me that if there were prints on the box, this person of questionable intellect will be dealing with a Postal Inspector, as defacing or vandalizing a U.S. Post office or the boxes therein is a federal felony.

In discussing the crime with friends, I wondered, who would hate to the extent that they would take the trouble to deface a U.S. Government post office box. I checked back to see if any recent posts were picking on someone and didn't find that either. One person told me,"Well, Herb, now you have arrived, if the Cranks are coming out of the woodwork." I am still amazed at this childish trick, and I wonder, what was he/she thinking that caused this unusual stunt. I'll probably never know. Apparently there are some "Nutcakes" out there, folks.


Dogwalkmusings said...

Apparently there are some "Nutcakes" out there, folks.

Do tell! And we actually know some of them! Careful though - this is beyond the pale.

Word Tosser said...

does your post office have cameras? Ours up here at the town of Kootenai does...maybe ... yours should invest in one too.

brentandrews said...

This could give a fellow the willies. But fear not! The pen is mightier than the spray can! Don't let them drag you down, Herb, don't let them!