Sunday, March 09, 2008

Party Time in Spirit Lake

It was party time in spirit Lake Saturday, as the who's who of journalism gathered at Taryn Hecker's new/old home. Long time Buddy, Taryn invited me to her housewarming held Saturday. We had friends, associates, just about everyone around that basks in the warmth of Taryn's friendship. Three newspapers were represented, as the Coeur d'Alene Press, Spokesman-Review and the St. Marie's Gazette were ably represented by the people that count. Namely the party animals. The snow berms are still monumental in the neighborhood. It is hoped that by the Fourth of July celebration, the snow will be gone, but nobody is taking bets.

The housewarming is more than just a house. It's a new start for a wonderful person, bright reporter and a great friend. Hang in there, Taryn, you do good.

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nic said...

Herb, thanks for your comments on HBO RE: internet harrasment. I appreciate your frankness. On a side note, you seem to have the healthiest self of images, it is hard to imagine you lacked self esteem in your younger years.