Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bayview Activities For June

L-E Chief Krill, Steve Stolberg

L-R Dick Hansen, Chuck Waller, Chris Hansen and Chief Krill

This month will probably be the busiest month of the year. This Saturday features the Chamber of commerce Annual Huckleberry Pancake Breakfast, June 13, 8-11am. At the same time, Adventure Sports Week will run bikes through town in the infamous,"Crux & Crucible" race, which pits endurance, innovation and multiple skills, against the best Mother nature can throw at them. There will be racers in town in the am, so be prepared for some backed up traffic.

Last night, Tuesday, at the Bayview Chamber of commerce meeting, Fire district chief, Jack Krill presented hero awards to Chuck Waller, Dick Hansen and Chris Hansen, for the rescue last Thanksgiving day, when a boat caught fire and three men on board leaped overboard. One person didn't make it, but for the quick response of these men, the other two wouldn't have survived either. Dietmar Kruger also responded and was given the award in absentia, since he was out of town. Also honored, both for spotting the floating patio fire, calling it in, also led the fire fighters through the technical side of the building saving valuable time, as the gas dock, just behind the building wasn't burned, nor did the entire dock go up as in previous fires. Steve Stolberg, then alerted residents and boater so they could stay out of the way. It's this kind of citizen participation that makes Bayview a great place to live & play.

Other activities find the Bayview community council holding their annual meeting at the now rebuilt floating patio, June 16 @ 7pm. June 18 will feature a community potluck at the community center 5:30 pm.

Their will be two fire exercises in June. The first will be on the 22nd and the second the 29th, both on "C" dock, Scenic Bay Marina. These drills train the department personnel how to fight a marina fire.

Lest we forget, Bayview Daze parade and fireworks will be held Saturday, July 4 this year, since every 7th year finds the 4th falling on a Saturday. This means that other venues will be holding parades and fireworks, so if you want to beat the unbelievable crowds in Coeur d'Alene, come on down. We think our fireworks display is second to none in our area.

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