Saturday, June 13, 2009

Timing Is Everything

If there were further proof needed, I solved the problem this week. You see, my memory is in the tank.I am becoming senile, which bodes ill for those of you that use logic for arguments. fortunately, there are very few blurkers that this will affect.

So that my many detractors don't glom onto this, I thought it best to just fess up. Last Thursday, I spent about 5 hours cooking up my patented world famous potato salad. It came out perfect, which doesn't happen all the time. The potatoes came out perfect, which is, believe me, not automatic. I added all of my secret ingredients, and ended up with perhaps the best Potato salad I have ever made. The Captain's wheel agreed to keep said potato salad in their walk in, because I had made about fifteen pounds of the stuff for Taryn's party in Spirit Lake.

Alas, this is where the senility comes in. You see, Taryn's party isn't today, but a week away, Jun 20. I have not only been punked, but have actually did it to myself. Faced with the waste of a large amount of Potato salad, I gave it away. Next week, back to the stove. The oddest part of this story, is as I was sitting at a watering station for the Adventure sports Week runners, who comes by but Taryn herself. A few words later,and I truly am back to the drawing board. the burning question of the day, of course, is can I duplicate the magnificent batch I made this week, next week. Only time will tell. (I could sure use one of bent's beers right now.)


Bent said...

LOL, Herb...I was wondering why you made up potato salad so far in advance. I thought you were just rtyong to age it some, but it appears the aging was all in your head!

Zach Hunt - Spokane Fitness Trainer said...

Maybe by next week you will have forgotten how good this weeks was; giving next weeks every opportunity to be the "Best you've ever made". ;^)

Taryn A. Hecker Photography said...

You should bring your banjo to the party and play some music for us if you aren't too wiped from making another batch of spud salad.

It was good seeing you at Farragut, but how funny running into you all the way out there.

Happy Monday, T.