Wednesday, July 08, 2009


During this early Summer, we have seen a pandemic of ATV & Personal Water Craft deaths and serious injuries. Many of these involve people running at high speed that are too young to get a driver's license. I have counted about five serious ATV crashes and about the same number of watercraft accidents many involving death and others with serious injury.

The question here, is twofold. First, should watercraft have a lower speed limit and two, why are parents letting their children, some as young as 10 years old, drive dangerous vehicles at all. Should these parents be prosecuted for child endangerment? One such case happened near Bayview, Idaho, in a private driveway. Riding the ATV were two children, ages 10 & 11. They lost control and hit a power pole. One suffered a serious head injury and was air lifted to a hospital. The other, suffered a compound fracture of his leg.

While I'm not a fan of over regulation, it would seem that it is time to require either a license including a training class,an age restriction or both.

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I'd like to take the bikini clad dancer for a ride on my personal watercraft.